Is email marketing a lost art?

It is estimated in most marketing circles that for every valid email you have equates to $1 in an asset. I personally don’t like to subscribe to this train of thought because people should not be valued by a $dollar$ amount. Some supporters/customers will give what they can afford because they believe in the message and purpose of a business. Sending emails to friends/family/supporters/customers is a fantastic way to communicate a message.

mobile apps

So here is my message for you

I  create email marketing campaigns just like this to help grow a business. In my professional opinion, there is even more potential to communicate through push pin notifications on Facebook and create a lasting dialogue with your customer, fans, and communities. 

This does not dismiss the power of email marketing at all. It simply adds to the many layers of engagement that are happening in this digital age. Did you know that more than 1.3 billion people supplement there phone service provider? Instead, they prefer to use Facebook, Instagram, or other social media direct messenger services.


The Communicative Power of Messaging Apps

It’s amazing to think how quickly we have advanced in communication technology. At times it is overwhelming to understand just how quickly people communicate around the world. We can help make this comprehensible or even forgettable if you wish 😂


Some people don’t want to learn the Matrix of internet marketing

It is respectable that many don’t want to attempt to learn the craziness that is social media. That’s why I have made a business out of it to help others deliver the messages they wish to convey.

Network and collaborate with a lot of different talented people to get your message out to the masses. Experience to consult you on how far your message will go with your ideas. I will work with you to maximize your reach and develop a strategy that fits your businesses needs.

I probably give out way too much free information

It doesn’t matter because my overall purpose is to help others in this life. If I can change one person’s life in a positive manner than my efforts will be rewarded. I always remembered the teachers who would go out of there way to show they care about my goals in life respectfully.  Dedication to providing this same level of service to those who need it is what I am all about.handshake-2056023_1920


If you are interested in learning or growing your business please contact me at CE Marketing Agency.

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