My revelation

While I was walking along the waterfront in Portland Oregon reflecting on life, I had a revelation. Buying a piece of land and growing a food forest became more clear. As if a part of me had no other choice. However, there is one big monster standing in the way of this plan. Managing our money to eliminate debt. A lot of debt. Almost 90K worth of debt. The word debt is something I cannot wait to not say unless anymore.

I need to be debt free and teach my kids how to save money, be responsible with money and not ever go into debt. It was at that moment becoming 100% debt free by 2022 was crucial to achieving my families goals. Debt will no longer hold me back from making my dreams a reality.

Managing our money

Following Dave Ramsey and attending his financial peace university program has helped me tremendously with getting on track with money. I tell my money where to go before it is spent. There are no surprises when the money runs out because every dollar accounted for. Now all extra money is going to debt. I have 3 main categories I split my money into, Food, Gas and other. I feel the effects of spending cash more than mindlessly sliding a card.

Where did our debt come from?

Here is a breakdown of our debt.

  • $29K for my associate’s degree.
  • $50K for my Bachelor’s degree.
  • $10K for Medical bills, family/work loans.

If I had a time machine I would go back and say to myself, do not take out any loans. Advising my past self to work each semester to either pay them off as I went or get a scholarship if possible. I know so much more about debt now then I did when I was mindlessly racking it up. I am very thankful that I took the financial peace university classes. It helped me become aware of how to get on track fast to become debt free!

The Cove Seaside Oregon

What is next?

You can be promised to see a hard-working mama pay off debt while trying to maintain a work-life balance. The next few years will be intense, hard and a lot of scarifies will be made. In order to pay off debt as fast as possible, I will dedicate my time whole heartdadly. I look for the future and I know it holds everything I need. There is saying, if you keep doing what you are doing, you will get the same results. I will work hard and tare away at this debt. I will buy a piece of land, I will grow a food forest and live a more sustainable lifestyle. My dreams will be my reality because the only one that can truly make dreams come true is ones self.

Financial Peace with Money
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