What is a food forest anyway? Have you ever wished you could walk outside and have an abundance of fresh grown food at your fingertips? Are you tired of paying tons of money for organic fruits and vegetables? If you answered yes, then you should read this blog! A food forest is much more than a seasonal garden. Permaculture has the potential to save you money on your grocery expenses!

What is a food forest?

Creating a place to grow vegetables, fruits, nuts, and berries year long. You can also grow herbs and plants for medicine. Eventually, your food forest will become perennial so you do not have to keep replanting each year. Food forests have many levels of the canopy and high biodiversity. Eventually, it will mimic a forest ecosystem but will have edible trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. A successful and abundant food garden can take anywhere from 5-10 years to grow.

Why I want to grow a food forest

I have wanted to grow a food forest for years now. Living in an apartment for the last 3 years has made that dream a little difficult. However, I realized I could start growing other vegetables and fruits. I am very interested in growing lacinato kale, lemons, ginger root, cucumber, celery and apples. This is what I tend to juice every day. I would also like to get an avocado tree growing as well as herbs and micro greens. My whole purpose for a food garden is to walk out into my yard and be able to sustain my family with every fruit and vegetable we eat. I would also like to feed my community and pass the forest onto my children one day.

Urban or Rural? What climate?

Good news! You can grow one of these nourishing gardens in pretty much anywhere such as the Mediterranean, tropical, or temperate climates. You can grow in an urban or rural setting. Your luscious garden of eating will have mostly perennial crops so there will be no need to till! The first step in planting a food forest in your climate is choosing perennial plants in your area. You will want to chose plants that will reach into the sun so fruiting trees and shrubs are ideal. What are you waiting for? Get to planting! We would love to see pictures of your food forest journey. I will be posting a blog and pictures of our soon to come garden!